Wound and Pressure Ulcer Management


Wound and Pressure Ulcer Management

This one day course will develop the skills and knowledge of those involved in wound management. The course covers the theoretical and practical elements required for safe and effective wound management.

This course is aimed at nurses, however, theory and practical elements can also be tailored to the specific responsibilities of healthcare assistants within their role.  

Course content: 

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin.
  • Holistic assessment and summary of wound healing.
  • Realistic goal setting and management options.
  • Generic dressing types and indications/contraindications.
  • Compression therapies.
  • Recognising signs of infection/deterioration and knowing when to refer.
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and management.

Please note: A practical session consisting of rotating workshops, under the supervision of a Tissue Viability Nurse, will be included. 

The practical aspect of the course splits the delegates into HCA’s and RGN’s (as each role involves different levels of skills and responsibilities), the below will be covered within in each group. 


  • Wound assessment
  • Dressing selection
  • Leg ulcer assessment to include Doppler ABPI
  • Compression bandaging
  • Other forms of compression such as hosiery and wraps. 


  • General overview of wounds and look at simple dressings 
  • Skin care with a focus on the lower leg
  • Use of Debrisoft to descale
  • Application and removal of hosiery 
  • Pressure ulcer prevention (depending on place of work).  

A certificate of attendance will be received upon completion of this 1 day course.