Dental CPD Day

Our Dental CPD days meet all the criteria for verifiable CPD recognised in the UK, covering core principle subjects for the whole dental team. Our training is delivered by qualified health professionals with many years experience in their respective field.

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This update covers core principle subjects for the whole dental team and meets all the criteria for verifiable CPD recognised in the UK.

Course content:

  • Oral Cancer
  • Dental Radiography
  • Safeguarding Adult and Children
  • CPR with AED Training and Medical Emergencies

Under the new five-year Enhanced CPD cycle, dentists will have to complete 100 hours of verifiable CPD, with 75 hours for hygienists, dental therapists, clinical dental technicians and orthodontic therapists and 50 hours for dental nurses and dental technicians. The GDC require CPD to be undertaken regularly, at least 10 hours every 2 years. Evidence of general (non-verifiable) CPD will no longer be required but annual activity should still be declared.

Kingsbridge Training Academy have taken the necessary measures to ensure our courses meet the GDC’s educational criteria for verifiable Enhanced CPD. Each course is quality assured, with robust assessment methods in place and are regularly reviewed through delegate feedback in line with the Enhanced CPD guidance for the dental team.


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Oral Cancer Update

Aim: To develop an understanding oral cancer and related diseases relevant to the primary oral healthcare setting.


  • Understand the incidence and pathology of oral cancer.
  • Interpret the signs and symptoms of oral cancer.
  • Carry out a thorough oral cancer screen.
  • Know when and how to refer.

GDC outcome: C

Dental Radiography

Aim: To provide an overview of quality assurance in general dental practice and how to meet the NRPB guidelines for image quality assessment.


  • List the steps for setting up a QA programme in GDP.
  • Follow the NRPB guidelines on quality assessment for radiographs.
  • Identify common image faults.
  • Discuss audit image quality and how to set up an action plan to meet NRPB standards.
  • Outline disinfection and decontamination.

CPR, AED and Management of Medical Emergencies

Aim: To develop practical skills in the management of child and adult patients presenting with medical emergencies.


  • Recognise and treat medical emergencies within their scope of practice.
  • Recognise signs of cardiac arrest, initiate compressions and safe defibrillation using an AED.

GDC outcome: C

Safeguarding Adult and Children 

Aim: This course provides an introduction to adult protection and an over view of child protection helping delegates to recognise potential abuse and know what to do if they believe an individual is at risk


  • Recognise that child abuse and adult harm is wrong and that it should not be tolerated
  • Recognise the signs of harm from abuse, exploitation and neglect
  • Reduce opportunities for harm from abuse, exploitation and neglect to occur.
  • Know how and when to report safeguarding concerns to HSC Trusts or the PSNI including Reporting and recording procedures.

GDC outcome: A, B, C & D

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