Flu/Vaccination Training (Covid-19 Update)

This course will familiarise participants with current vaccination regulations, administration and storage, as well as a brief overview of the emergency management of Anaphylaxis and Basic Life Support.

Suitable for: GPs, registered nurses and experienced health care assistants.

*Attendees must have previous experience with administering vaccinations.

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To ensure delegates are well informed with the current advice and policies surrounding the administration of vaccines.


  • Identify the role and importance of immunisation update and vaccination.
  • Identify the aims of immunisation, as well as describe national policy.
  • Outline the correct storage and holding of immunisations.
  • Outline a brief overview of the management of anaphylaxis, including drawing up adrenaline.
  • Identify the differences between intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.
  • Outline the correct positioning of a child during administration.
  • Explain the anatomy of landmarks
  • Cover basic life support, including the recovery position.

This course involves an eLearning Module.

At the end of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Describe Adult Intramuscular and Subcutaneous injections.
  • Outline the process of vaccinating a child.
  • Understand the importance and demonstrate successful reconstitution of vaccines.
  • Describe and carry out Multi-Dose Draw.
  • Locate thigh and deltoid landmarks.
  • Recognise and treat Anaphylaxis.
  • Manage and identify syncope (fainting).
  • Administer Basic Life Support.
  • Describe the Recovery Position.
  • Recite changes to vaccine recommendation or national policy.
  • Describe updated protocol on the ordering, storage and administration of vaccinations.

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£90.00 (Including VAT)


Kingsbridge Training Academy
10 Falcon Way, Boucher Road,
Belfast, BT12 6SQ