Multi Mini Interview Preparation Workshop (MMI Circuit)

This course will equip students with the practice needed to become more confident in the MMI format.

Suitable for: Students applying to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine at university.

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Gain the integral practice needed to effectively prepare for Medical, Dental or Veterinary Multi Mini Interviews at University.


  • Practise interview technique
  • Communicate personal attributes effectively throughout
  • Continued repetition of etiquette and body language
  • Develop interview strategy and lateral thinking to questions
  • Gain feedback and constructive criticism on answers
  • Become experienced in the MMI process and build confidence

Designed and conducted by experienced Doctors, NHS Consultant Physicians, Dental Surgeons and Senior Lecturers with extensive experience and understanding in the interview process, our course will thoroughly prepare students in each and every aspect needed to gain their place on their desired course.

Students will be provided with comprehensive constructive feedback on their performance, surrounding their body language, interview etiquette, answer technique and content, of which they can utilise to improve and prepare.

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At the end of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Structure and deliver interview questions in a convincing way
  • Present themselves in a favourable light through technique, communication of personal attributes and suitable body language
  • Adapt various interview strategies
  • Carry out lateral thinking in a timely fashion
  • Outline the MMI process and understand what it entails
  • Feel confident in their answers and performance

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8:45am – 12:30pm

3 Hours of Interview Practice


Course available in-house

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