Flu Immunisation Update


Flu Immunisation Update

This course will provide a clear understanding of the flu vaccine including the theoretical background of inter-muscular injection techniques, the safety issues related to vaccination of the general adult population and the legal aspects of vaccination. Suitable for: GPs, registered nurses and experienced health care assistants working within primary care


To provide an annual update on principles and practice of influenza vaccination including the current policy and how this is reflected in a Primary Care environment.


  • Identify types of influenza virus and summarise the vaccines available.
  • Outline the flu vaccine eligibility.
  • Discuss best methods for vaccine administration and outline possible adverse reactions.
  • Contraindications to flu vaccines.
  • Discuss infection control, skin cleansing, vaccine storage, recording and consent.
  • Overview of PGDs.

Please note: Registered nurses, GPs and midwives attending will be eligible to administer the Flu vaccine once they have read, understood and signed the Flu PGD in their work place.

Health Care Assistants/’Phlebotomists’ may attend but they are not legally eligible to use PGDs. If they are being asked to administer vaccines, they are doing so under the instructions of their GP practice, using a prescription or a Patient Specific Direction (PSD), and they also need to be mentored before being deemed competent to give an injection/immunisation (done in their work place).

At the end of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Describe the current flu vaccines.
  • Identify any recent issues relating to flu vaccination schedule.
  • Critically analyse best methods used in the administration of vaccinations.
  • Discuss storage (including cold chain), holding, consent and recording.
  • Discuss responsibilities relating to PGDs.