Basic Urodynamics Course


Basic Urodynamics Course

This course is ideal for those that have little or no experience in the field of Urodynamics, it will cover the theory of Urodynamics, and will include a practical session hosted by experienced faculty. Course Director: Mr IK Walsh, MD MSc FRCSGlasg FRCSI FRCSUrol Urologist, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Chairman Scientific Committee, Irish Association for Sexual Medicine Clinical Academics, Queen's University Belfast

Course content: 

  • An overview of Urodynamics 

  • Basic principles of Urodynamics

  • Getting started - 'How to set up and use the equipment'

  • Flow Studies

  • Urodynamic Studies

  • Urodynamic and Video Urodynamic Studies - male and female

  • Paediatric and Neurological cases

  • Ambulatory monitoring

  • Interpretation of traces

  • Misinterpretation and artefacts of Urodynamic traces.

By the end of this course delegates will:

  • Be able to understand the utility and deployment of noninvasive techniques and tools to generate meaningful data in lower urinary tract function and dysfunction.

  • Be able to understand the basic principles underlying filling cystometry, together with indications for such testing and clinical interpretation/application.

  • Be more aware of specialized invasive techniques, their indication, deployment, interpretation and clinical application.

  • Have accessed a variety of clinical scenarios where the importance and extent of urodynamic investigation are explored in practical detail.

This course is suitable for doctors, nurses, technicians and anyone allied to urodynamics.