Aesthetic Dentistry Training – Rubber Dam Isolation

This comprehensive course will teach participants efficient techniques for placing rubber dams, selecting the appropriate rubber dam sheets and clamps and mastering complex isolation techniques for various dental procedures.

Suitable for: Dentists

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To equip practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge for proficiency in rubber dam isolation.


  • Learn how to quickly and effectively place a rubber dam.
  • Appreciate how using a rubber dam can create a low-stress working environment.
  • Understand the rationale and evidence behind rubber dam use.
  • Learn how to discuss a rubber dam confidently with patients.
  • Identify the differences in rubber dam sheets and clamps, and learn how to apply this practically.
  • Understand when to use adjunctive materials (such as PTFE or Wedjets).
  • Explore floss ties: how, when, and why to use them.
  • Understand the importance of inversion and how to achieve it easily.
  • Compare absolute isolation vs. split dam and learn how to select the appropriate approach.
  • Master complex isolation techniques (including isolating bridges, implants, deep margins, and the last tooth in the arch).
  • Learn how to apply a posterior split dam.
  • Isolate effectively for indirect adhesive preparation and cementation.
  • Troubleshoot common issues related to rubber dam usage.

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Why Isolation?

  • Understand the importance of isolation in dental procedures.

History of Isolation

  • Explore the evolution of isolation techniques.

Types of Isolation

  • Discuss various methods, including:
    • Cotton wool
    • Optragate
    • Isovac
    • Rubber dam

Benefits of Isolation

  • Learn how proper isolation enhances clinical outcomes.

Dispelling Myths About Rubber Dam Use

  • Address common misconceptions related to:
    • Acceptance
    • Time
    • Difficulty

Rubber Dam Patient Education

  • Effective communication with patients regarding rubber dam usage.

Rubber Dam in Scientific Literature

  • Review research and evidence supporting its use.

Medico-Legal Considerations

  • Understand the legal implications of not using rubber dam.
  • Recognize its indication for all adhesive dentistry procedures.
  • Emphasize its importance in maintaining professional practice standards.

Materials and Equipment

  • Explore:
    • Hole punch types
    • Frame types
    • Clamp types
    • Clamp anatomy (winged vs. wingless) in relation to tooth anatomy and shapes
    • Clamp holders
    • Rubber dam sheets (e.g., Isodam, Nictone)
    • Wedgets
    • Floss types (waxed, unwaxed, and perhaps even orange floss!)


  • Master the following techniques:
    • Hole punching
    • Pre-lubing or using Vaseline on the dam
    • Pre-flossing contacts or pre-wedging
    • Selecting teeth for clamping
    • Using accessory clamps and wedges
    • Proper clamp and dam placement (winged or parachute method)
    • Understanding the significance of dam inversion

Specific Isolation Scenarios

  • Learn how to isolate:
    • Anterior teeth
    • Anterior split dam
    • Anterior single-tooth isolation
    • Multiple-tooth isolation
    • Posterior teeth
    • Posterior split dam
    • Posterior single-tooth isolation
    • Posterior quadrant isolation
    • Full arch

Special Situations

  • Address unique cases, including:
    • Isolating partially erupted molars
    • Isolating teeth for crown/onlay preparations
    • Retained roots during root canal treatment or post-core preparation
    • Isolating typodont models (with various scenarios)


Isolating Typodont Models with a series of scenarios

  • Explore practical techniques and hands-on applications.


Live Demonstration on a Patient Model

  • Delegates will practice techniques on a live patient model, covering different scenarios and hands-on practicals.


Gary O’Neill

Gary is an award winning and experienced aesthetic restorative dentist now based in Co.Tyrone. Gary completed his undergraduate studies in dental surgery at Newcastle University in 2017 where he then practiced for 6 years in the North East of England providing dental care in the region whilst continuing his post- graduate studies.  Gaining acknowledgement from patients and dentists alike from across the UK he has worked in general practice and as a Senior House Officer in the Oral and Maxillofacial Department in the Royal Victoria Infirmary. He gained vast experience in the North East’s leading Cosmetic Dental Practice, treating VIP client from celebrities to Premier League footballers.

Gary’s main passion is the provision of Award Winning, High Quality, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry. He has recently graduated with a distinction in a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry at King’s College London, and a Post graduate Diploma in Clear Aligner Orthodontics. He has won several awards for his work, including Best Young Private Dentist 2021, 2022 and 2023 as well as Best Smile Transformation in 2023.

Photography has played an important role in Gary’s career to date and continues to be key element in the day to day provision of his treatment with his patients. His passion is to pass on his knowledge of the importance of dental photography to improve the careers and work flow of fellow dental colleagues for consistent, predictable dentistry.


George Cortvriend

George graduated from Newcastle Dental School in 2012. Since then he has worked in both mixed NHS and Private practice giving him a breadth of experience in general dentistry. He currently works at a private practice in Belfast.

George attained his Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in 2014. He went on to train Foundation Dentists as part of his role as a GDP for 3 years, while doing so gaining a PGCert in Clinical Education from Queen’s University Belfast.

Alongside learning from some world leading educators such as Pascal Mange and Paul Tipton, George has recently graduated with distinction in a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry at King’s College London.

George has a passion for sharing his knowledge in advanced restorative dentistry wherever possible.

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£600 / €750 (including VAT)


8:30am – 5:00pm


Belfast Location

Kingsbridge Training Academy
10 Falcon Way, Boucher Road,
Belfast, BT12 6SQ


Dublin Location

CityNorth Hotel & Conference Centre
Meath, K32 W562