16 Oct 2019

Could you save a life?

Could you save a Life? Accidents and sudden illnesses can happen anywhere, even in the workplace. If staff are properly trained it could be the difference between life and death. Employers have a legal duty to their staff and customers to ensure that there are arrangements in place if they fall ill or are injured in the workplace. There are a number of First Aid courses provided for employers to meet their different safety needs depending on the industry and possible hazards in the workplace.

At Kingsbridge Training Academy our First Aid courses cover:

• Accidents and illness
• Shock
• Using a first aid kit
• Choking
• Simple record keeping
• Bleeding
• Treatment of an unconscious casualty
• Burns and scalds
• Heart attacks
• Poisoning
• Resuscitation
• Fractures
• Seizures
• Asthma
• Severe allergic reaction
• Eye injuries
• Low blood sugar
• Fainting.

We offer a three day First Aid at Work course which after assessment your employees will leave as qualified First Aiders. If they are already are a qualified First Aider then we offer a two day First Aid at Work Refresher course which is required every three years to ensure they remain up to date and qualified.
For low risk organisations we offer a one day Emergency First Aid at Work course, because even with low risk there is always the possibility of accidental injury or sudden illness.

To book onto any of our First Aid at Work course or for more information please email info@kingsbridgetrainingacademy.com or call 028 9073 5273.