30 Aug 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

From 2003, the world has observed Suicide Prevention Awareness on the 10th September each year. On this date, organisations, governments, charities and the public come together with the goal to reduce instances of suicide by shining a spotlight on preventative measures, reducing stigma and raising awareness.

Why is it important?

World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity to start the conversation surrounding suicide rates, and how to combat these. Suicidal behaviour profoundly impacts families and communities and remains a universal challenge with millions impacted. The reduction of suicide mortality is of global importance and concern, with someone taking their own life every 40 seconds, making suicide a serious public health issue in every country.

Prevention Methods

Creating Hope Through Action

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) have adopted the theme of Creating Hope Through Action for 2021-2023.

IASP President Professor Rory O’Connor says; “As we continue to work on our vision of a world where fewer people lose their lives to suicide, we believe “Creating Hope Through Action” is an optimistic message that aims to inspire confidence in people to engage with this complex subject.”

“Creating Hope Through Action” signifies the resolve to impart a new sense of purpose – empowering and equipping people with the skills and confidence to connect with someone they think may be struggling.” Taking time to reach out to someone in your community – a family member, friend, colleague or even a stranger – could change the course of another’s life.

Education and Training

Gaining a deeper understanding on how to appropriately and effectively help those struggling with suicidal thoughts by learning how to handle such situations with care, compassion and dignity is essential when dealing with such delicate matters.

Learn how to do so with our Mental Health First Aid training courses.

These are suitable for anyone who would like to become a Mental Health First Aider, but particularly those who work and manage with a large number of people.

FAA Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health (RQF)

This 6-hour qualification provides learners with the knowledge to recognise a range of mental health conditions.

FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (RQF)

This 12-Hour Qualification equips attendees with the skills and knowledge of how to support those struggling with Mental Health conditions such as Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the workplace.

Talk to a Professional

If you ever need help with your own mental health, please reach out by booking an appointment in our Mental Health Clinic.

Other resources that can help you in your time of need include:

Because Life Matters.

Written by:

Geana Convery

Marketing and Development Officer