Turning basic life skills into “Basic instincts”

Commonly known as the ‘Kiss of Life’, the method of mouth to mouth resuscitation has come a long way and saved many lives since it was first conceived in the 1950’s. Discovered by chance as a medical graduate (called Guy Knickerbocker) attempted to keep a dog alive by pumping on its chest and breathing air into the mouth; yes, strange name and even stranger to perform on a dog. Yet, it has become a vital part of emergency medical care, with children now being taught it at a young age in schools.

Now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly important for members of the general public to know basic life support skills, such as mouth- to-mouth. Over the past 6 months alone a large number of young sportspeople in Northern Ireland of ages ranging from 13 to 22 have collapsed and tragically died whilst playing sport.

Many of these deaths are sudden and come without warning. Hard to detect cardiac issues such as Sudden Arythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) can affect people of all ages and don’t only occur during sports but can strike during sleep, making basic life support training essential.

At Kingsbridge Training academy we want to help educate the public and ensure as many people, whether a professional in the health industry or just a member of the public, are trained and capable should these skills ever be needed, which is why we are running Basic Life Support and AED training courses throughout each year.

To give an idea of what is involved, below is the basic chain of survival for life support:

  • Step 1: Recognise the signs of distress and call for help to prevent cardiac arrest.
  • Step 2: Perform Early CPR to buy time.
  • Step 3: Early defibrillation to start the heart – during the course you will be taught how to use an AED.
  • Step 4: Post resuscitation care to restore quality of life.

Our courses are run at the Kingsbridge Training Academy Headquarters or can be delivered in-house. It is the highest quality of training, which is delivered by experienced and qualified medical professionals. The course is designed for all skill levels from beginners to trained medical practitioners.

If you or a family member are interested in learning basic life support skills and how to properly use an AED, please call us on 028 9073 5273.

Are you a student hoping to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary or Nursing at University?

Need that extra bit of help to get you through the interview stage and into your dream course?

Kingsbridge Training Academy are Northern Ireland’s leading experts in the application and interview process for medical, dental, veterinary and nursing schools. Offering a range of interactive courses and hosted by experiences medical doctors, NHS consultant physicians, dental surgeons, nursing staff and senior lecturers, you will be able to gain insight from those who have the expertise and experience that is needed to succeed at the interview stage, giving you that advantage to be your best prepared self.

Over the year’s our interview skills courses have achieved a 90% success rate in student acceptance to study their desired degree courses. And you could be part of that to!

Patrisha, a recent applicant had the following to say about our interview skills course:

‘Hi there, I would just like to personally say thank you to the people that organised the sessions for the nursing mock interview programme I had the opportunity to take part in. I was successful in my MMI interview for Queens University and have been rewarded the BSc Adults and Children’s nursing offer for this coming September 2019. All the resources were super helpful, and everyone involved – including the staff were the loveliest. Without the mock interview programme, I honestly wouldn’t have had the best guidance for my preparation. I’m really grateful and I hope the programme receives credit for how helpful it has been for me. You guys have helped secure my future. Thank you!’

It is always amazing to hear such excellent feedback, and because of this we want to continually improve our course offering each year. You can book our courses individually or as a package which includes all 3 courses for £249.00, saving £54.00 overall.

The package includes the interview skills course, UCAT and a personal statement workshop.

Interview Skills Preparation – Highly interactive and includes both theory and practise. Includes a live mock Multiple Mini Interview workshop along with Interview preparation skills and techniques for best presenting yourself. This stage presents useful strategies and ways to structure your answers, coinciding with sector ethics and current issues.

UCAT – The University Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by a consortium of UK University Medical and Dental Schools. This stage is delivered by educational tutors to equip students with the best test strategies and practise questions.

Personal Statement Workshop – Acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence required to write a strong and relevant personal statement. Practical sessions will focus on identifying strengths and achievements along with hints and tips around structure, style and content. You will also receive tailored and honest feedback.

If this sounds of interest to you can find out more information or you can book your place on this course by contacting info@kingsbridgetrainingacademy.com or call 028 9073 5273.

Join our Cosmetic Model Programme today!

Kingsbridge Training Academy offer bespoke aesthetic training courses, all of which are delivered by clinical tutors who have worked in the medical/healthcare industry for a number of years. Their experience sets us aside from any other training organisation in that we can
deliver high quality training with practical experience, and guarantee that our trainees have access to highly competent and knowledgeable tutors.

As part of our aesthetic training we offer a cosmetic model programme for Belfast and Dublin where people can sign up to be a model on these courses and receive high quality treatment at a fraction of the price. 

Models will receive cosmetic treatments at a reduced cost:

  1. Anti wrinkle consultation price – £100.00 (over 50% discount)
  2. Dermal Fillers price – £125.00 (over 50% discount)

*a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure place.

*various time slots available – first come first served basis.

Models will be required to provide a facial image beforehand to assess suitability, and you will be required to consent to treatments delivered either by a fully registered doctor, dentist or surgeon, under the clinical supervision of one of our highly experienced team of tutors.

If you are interested in one/both of the treatments mentioned above, please call the office on 028 9073 5273.

Further details:  

  • We only use the best products from the world’s largest and respected cosmetic manufacturers (Allergan/Juvéderm).
  • On the day you will be asked to arrive at a time slot that will be organised in advance *please note times on the day may vary.
  • You will be asked to fill out a consent form and we will take a medical history so we are aware of any medical conditions that would exclude Anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler treatments.
  • You should be of a suitable age (we require models over the age of 18 and under 65), in good health, not pregnant or breast feeding and have suitable areas for treatment.